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January 2nd 2018

A Guide to Better Billing

In our latest blog, head of sales and marketing, Chris Cullen, examines customer frustrations when it comes to billing whilst looking at what service providers can do to improve this key customer touchpoint...


September 28th 2017

The role of ethics in customer retention

Retaining customers in a world of choice is challenging and complex. Customers have increasing expectations and competing on price alone is often no longer enough to entice many customers. Here, we examine if business ethics has a key role to play...


July 17th 2017

The smart meter debate

In our latest consumer research report "retaining customers in a world of choice", UK households shared a wide range of views on the rollout of Smart Meters...


June 14th 2017

Customer Service: the value of the human touch

In our latest blog, Chris Cullen - head of sales and marketing - drops in to look at how technology is changing the customer service landscape and why the value of the human touch should not be underestimated...


May 26th 2017

Open Water. The start of a multi-utility revolution?

Our head of sales and marketing, Chris Cullen, pops in to discuss whether the open water market is set to kick-start a multi-utility revolution....


November 15th 2016

Five ways to create a customer service strategy that adds value

Delivering great customer service can help your business stand out from the crowd. Here, Echo's Chris Cullen explores five aspects of creating the right customer service strategy - one that truly adds value...


July 28th 2016

Water market reform: exceeding customer expectations

Chris Cullen, head of sales and marketing, drops in to discuss the non-household and possible household water market reforms and identifies steps water companies can take to stay ahead of the competition...


February 10th 2016

Customer service: 1 in 3 over 65s choose digital channels

Our latest consumer research survey reveals that 1 in 3 over 65s prefer to communicate with businesses via digital channels...


January 29th 2016

Let's not lose the human touch in customer service

Whilst channel choice is important, and is being embraced by companies and customers alike, it’s the customer experience that really matters. Here, Echo's Chris Cullen discusses the importance of the human touch, and why people continue to make the real difference when it comes to customer experience...


January 21st 2016

2016: How Outsourcing Can Improve Business Performance

Chris Cullen, Echo’s Head of Sales and Marketing, pops by to discuss why businesses will be using outsourcing in 2016 to improve performance, and the top three trends to note for the year ahead…

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